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About Gotochi Kitty FAQ

Q What's about Gotochi Kitty?
A Gotochi Kitty are tiny products of Hello Kitty which has the theme of local tourist attractions. It was born as a souvenir of the tourists in Japan (Hokkaido) 11 years ago. It has released more than 2,000-3,000 kinds now in all parts of Japan and foreign countries(USA,China,Canada,and more). And they continue still increasing. Therefore I can't understand numbers of Gotouchi Kitty. Gotochi Kitty wears various costume such as the special products, famous historical persons, and the industries of each local place. They symbolize each Japanese metropolis and districts.

Q Where can I get Gotochi Kitty?
A Basically, You can buy them in souvenir shops , a kiosk,and the convenience store of each place. They're sold partly at some Sanrio shop and in the internet sites such as eBay.

Q What kind of item does Gotochi Kitty have?
A There are various items. What is released most is Netsuke(Japanese tiny key chain with string) and charm(fastener mascot). There are mini-size towel, stuffed toy , stationery, and candy else.

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About my site and my collection of Gotochi Kitty

1. All Gotochi Kitty which upload in this site are my personal collection that I bought or my friends gave me as a souvenir.

2. The rules of the collection are
I get Gotochi Kitty locally.
I don't buy Gotochi Kitty a lot at once.
I use Gotochi Kitty by all means.

3. The photos of Gotochi Kitty in this site are taken by a professional photographer who is my friend.

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This site is itoyoshi individual site and has nothing to do with Sanrio and the tie-up company of Sanrio. I upload my personally collection or the goods which I bought.Therefore I do not have a commercial purpose at all. And I follow the general rules in this site. I do not do expression to hurt trust and profit of Sanrio and Sanrio characters.

And all photos in this site are takes by a professional photographer. They are so precious for me. So I forbid reproduction without permission.

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